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Magic Stances

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1 Magic Stances on Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:11 pm


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Forum Development Team/Co-Administrator
These are the three magic stances:
1. Low (Magic of Transmutation)
Why make anything from scratch when you can just transform whatever you find lying around? A boulder makes a good dorn beast to chase off attackers, while a handful of pebbles can be turned into exploding fire ants. If it exists, you can transform it.
2. Middle (Magic of Enlightment)
Preferring to know the mind of your enemy, you rely on working out what might come next. You specialise in revealing that which is hidden and using it to your advantage.
3. High (Magic of Creation)
You like to get straight down to business by creating a fireball and flinging it at your foe, or by making yourself look so horrendously ugly that your enemies faint on the spot. Your preference is for spells that create something - either illusions or real effects.

Each magic type has a type of magic it is strong against (+3% FWP), it is weak against (-3% FWP), and it is neutral against (+0% FWP).

High Magic > Middle Magic > Low Magic > High Magic

You enter an Arena battle against another player. You are using High Magic and they are using Low Magic. Since Low Magic has an advantage over High Magic, your FWP is modified by -3%.

It is helpful to have at least one of each type of magic spell at your disposal.

Spells can be purchased in the Magic Shoppe.


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