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Lets Do Some Magic!

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1 Lets Do Some Magic! on Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:10 pm


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Forum Development Team/Administrator
Tips on Stances and Magic


From my study of the Arena, about 75% of the players have picked Smart Moves as their Stance. Yes, that's right, people always like to think they are smart. I do to.

Shock and Awe stance gives you a 3% advantage over Smart Moves.

On average you should always leave your character in Shock and Awe stance to have an advantage over the average player.

I could go into more detail about advantage versus disadvantage of the other stances, but it really doesn't matter.

The easiest way to change your stance is on the Character Edit page: Click the Characters link in the upper left and then click Edit to the far left of the character's name.



Again, from looking at the arena, I estimate that a 50% of players choose High Magic when buying Spells. High is good, right? Not really, they are all the same, its Paper/Scissors/Rock logic, but people think High is good, so they buy High Magic.

Low Magic has a 3% advantage over High Magic, so buying Low Magic Spells is really the best choice on average.

This is applicable knowledge for adventuring or in the Arena, as these percentages count toward the Final Win Probability in any encounter/fight.

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