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Best Equipment for You/Beginner Guide

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1 Best Equipment for You/Beginner Guide on Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:35 pm


Forum Development Team/Co-Administrator
Forum Development Team/Co-Administrator
Best Weapons By Level:

Level 10+
Sticks & Stones - Pheeborean Poignard/Military Crossbow - total 190AR
Bows & Bullets - Military Crossbow/Pheeborean Poignard - total 190AR
Fists & Feet - Antharian Trickster Kick/Pheeborean Poignard - total 182AR

Level 20+
Sticks & Stones - Kovalli Scimitar/Frostham Berserker Manual - total 341AR
Bows & Bullets - Gurthian Musket/Frostham Berserker Manual - total 337AR
Fists & Feet - Frostham Berserker Manual/Kovalli Scimitar - total 337AR

Level 30+
Sticks & Stones - Great Sea Corsair Cutlass/Bloodworm Grip - total 444AR
Bows & Bullets - Rare FrobozzCo Revolver/Bloodworm Grip - total 439AR
Fists & Feet - Bloodworm Grip/Rare FrobozzCo Revolver - total 439AR

Level 40+
Sticks & Stones - Authentic Elvish Sword/Barsap's Enchanted Flicker Kick - total 530AR
Bows & Bullets - Enchanted Flame Pistol/Barsap's Enchanted Flicker Kick - total 533AR
Fists & Feet - Barsap's Enchanted Flicker Kick/Way of the Nabiz - total 534AR

Level 50+
Sticks & Stones - Authentic Elvish Sword/Explosive Dragon Eggs - total 537AR
Bows & Bullets - Explosive Dragon Eggs/Barsap's Enchanted Flicker Kick - total 543AR
Fists & Feet - Yoruk's Fists of Fire - total 545AR

Best Armors By Level:
Note, this FAQ only shows the primary armor. Your secondary armor can be a difference stance without affecting your primary stance. Basically get the best helmet available for your level.

Level 10+
Dodge & Weave - Rigid Gurthian Scouting Leather - 75DR
The defense of armors from the others stances are too weak in this level. Taking them makes no sense.

Level 20+
Walking Tank - Flatheadian Chain Mail - 175DR
Mumbo Jumbo - Accardian Repeller - 120DR
The defense of the Dodge & Weave stance armor is too weak in this level. Taking it makes no sense.

Level 30+
Walking Tank - Kovalli Scale Armor - 260DR
Mumbo Jumbo - FrobozzCo Enchanted SecondSkin - 200DR
Dodge & Weave - Studded Miznian Leather - 200DR

Level 40+
Walking Tank - Gurthian Plate Armor - 300DR
Mumbo Jumbo - Miznian Guardian Angel - 375DR
Dodge & Weave - Elvish Ultra Thin Bar Mail - 355DR

Level 50+
Walking Tank - Premium FrobozzCo Plate Armor - 400DR
Mumbo Jumbo - Miznian Guardian Angel - 375DR
Dodge & Weave - Elvish Ultra Thin Bar Mail - 355DR

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2 Beginner Guide (Ready, for New Players!) on Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:26 pm


Forum Development Team/Co-Administrator
Forum Development Team/Co-Administrator
Want to create a new character, here are some tips:

Select either the Magic Spellbook Co. or The Magic Goggle Co. as your previous jobs at creation of character. Advantages

Magic Spellbook Co.- The 'Lucky Escape Spell' you get to start gives you 1 extra health point. If and when you upgrade the spell the point will be removed. This point helps in the beginning.

Magic Google Co.- The Magic goggles you receive help in adventuring gaining higher amounts of zorkmids during encounters.

Take advantage of clan armory to arm yourself with the best weapons and armor available for you level. Save zorkmids to purchase higher level equipment as you go.

I also suggest when you hit level 6 to start adventuring 5 levels below your own to build you Fanucci Gambit to 100. When you hit 100 you will have with gambit alone 500/500 AR/DR. The purpose of adventuring 5 levels below your own is you will not gain XP but, will get zorkmids and cards .

Best wishes and happy adventuring to all clan members.

(Originally posted by Tolten)
Path of the Battler

If you choose to become a battler, the smartest thing to do would be to get your Fanucci Gambit up to 100. Like Tolten said it gives you a 500/500 AR/DR making you a force to be reckoned with in the PvP (Player Versus Player) arena.

The arena is a dangerous place you must be prepared before you go into it if you're unprepared the arena kings (most famous and powerful of the LoZ players) would kill you. If you wanna look up weapons/armor that'll help you once your up and ready with a good Fanucci Gambit just scroll up, friend!

Also here is a list of characters with a massive amount of fame and are unarmed! Remember to have already gotten your Fanucci Gambit up to 100, before you start hunting from them, 'cause if another character finds that you have a massive amount of fame, and you have a low AR/DR. well the rest doesn't need to be explained.

(This is a list from a long time ago so some of these guys might be armed not including the Fame Farm)

And THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you should get before you start any battling AT ALL, is buy the Saint Quakko's Protection Charm it protects you from losing fame if you are attacked by another player.

Here's a list of some helpful charms if you can get yourself some coconuts! Coconuts aren't exactly the greatest help for any arena fighter so if you have any coconuts just use them to help "up" your chances out there exploring since your skills are mostly set for fighting people and grues.
Path of The Explorer

Once again, you should always start hunting for Fanucci Cards FIRST!

If you want to be an explorer you will have to be careful, exploring doesn't give you much zorkmids (about 500 gold a fight, though it gets higher through the levels) so you should find yourself getting in much trouble for awhile. Though most people who save up their zorkmids and just buy the weapons and armors for your level (or just request from the armory) you should be able to buy the Easter items by around the near level 50's, yes I know very long but, hey with every loss there comes more knowledge of what to do before you go one once again.

But don't fret exploration isn't all that bad! If you go up and see the XP rankings you see that most of the top XP players never even fought a battle in the game (unless they were beaten) this shows that being an explorer can get you great things.

Such as, Fanucci Cards, though not that important once you have everything up to 100 unless your a trophy collector. But the Fanucci Cards that are the most important are the Face Cards! Here's some information from our very own High Honor, Jackerson!


can be found exploring around Antharia. It has the effect of giving the player 2 more hit points.

can be found exploring in the Ruins of Pheebor at level 51 or above.
Rumored to add +2% FWP (I don't know what FWP stands for)

can be found exploring in the Gray Mountains. (May increase chances of finding sub-locations)

can be found exploring around Mizniaport at level 51 or above. (+2% FWP?)

can be found exploring in Fenshire. It has the effect of giving the player a 5% discount in stores.

can be found exploring around Gurth. (Helps find sub-locations?)

can be found exploring around Discipline Beach. It has the effect of giving the player 15% more carrying capacity.



I really hope this information isn't considered top secret or anything. I may be risking my coconuts to bring you this information!

May you newbies use this information well!

Good Adventures,

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