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Level 40 Quest

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1 Level 40 Quest on Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:02 pm


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Forum Development Team/Administrator
Level 40 Quest - Scavenger Hunted

Step 1 : The Jungles Of Miznia
Step 2 : Miznia Marshland(both 1 and 2 are in Mizniaport)
Step 3 : Fenshire(The White House)[this is the one that gave me the most trouble]
Step 4 : Fields of Frotzen
Step 5 : Forest Of Youth(both 4 and 5 are in Gurth)
Step 6 : Return To Mizniaport

Your reward? "Mizniaport Armor", a piece of Primary armor that has a Walking Tank stance and 290 DR. The value of selling is 275000zm.

Also, if I recall, it mentions that you treat yourself to a "Coconut Shake", and I think I recall my AP being boosted by 25 points(the same amount as if you had bought the potion of the same name in the Advantages Store). All areas are around level 40, so you have no need to go to "low-level areas" nor "power-level". Not a bad haul, if you ask me.

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