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1 GnomeSeeker on Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:52 pm


Forum Development Team/Administrator
Forum Development Team/Administrator

Some tips on building up your character and winning fame:

You'll want to build up your fanucci gambit to 100% - that alone will bring you an additional 580 AR/DR from where you're at now. The best way to farm cards so you don't level up too quickly is to go exploring 5 levels below your current level. So since your level is currently 21, you'll want to keep clicking the 'hurting' button until it shows you're exploring at level 16. It's tedious and you don't gain much money while doing it, but you also won't level up while exploring. Since you're already at level 21, you don't want to level up while building your character or you'll pass the higher fame targets.

Those 2 things will take some time - it took me several months to build up my character's gambit, equipment and spells to where they are now and I still don't have the best spells yet.

While fighting people in the arena you also want to make sure you're likely to win as much fame as possible. If you sort the rankings list by fame, you want to start at the top and go through clicking on those people in your range so you start with the people with highest fame levels first. When you look at their stats make sure your combined AR+DR is over 100 more than their AR+DR. If it's not, you're not likely to beat them. When you do find someone you can beat - make sure to bookmark them or enemy them or something so that the next day you can just go through your bookmarks or enemies for your fights rather than the ranking list and it will go much faster.

If you're not sure who's in your battle range on the rankings page - refer to the page at to see where the levels are based on XP.

Good Luck!


*Note: this was a message sent to me from GnomeSeeker, master LoZ player, please learn from it and use it to your advantage.

Thank you, -C.

Thanks cozassassin! Hopes this helps our members :-)

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