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Helpful Charms

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1 Helpful Charms on Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:18 pm


Forum Development Team/Co-Administrator
Forum Development Team/Co-Administrator
Here some charms that should really help you out in your adventures out in the GUE.
That's of course if you got the coconuts.

St. Quakko's Protection Charm Cost:2 Coconuts or 15,000 ZM
Protects from Fame loss if attacked and defeated in Battle. Will reset current Fame to zero.

Black Market Fanucci Surprise Costs:20 Coconuts
Four Fanucci Cards
(Note: This purchase does not include Face cards)

Aimfiz Amulet Costs:6 Coconuts
Free Return to Base

Eye of Lobal Costs:3 Coconuts
+20% chance to succeed against traps, mazes and puzzles.

Enchanted Bloodhound Tooth Costs:6 Coconuts
+20% Chance of finding new Locations

These items are bought at the Advantages Store


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