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Clan Ranks!

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1 Clan Ranks! on Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:25 pm


Forum Development Team/Administrator
Forum Development Team/Administrator
Clan Ranks
Head Master- Clan Leader (Shendo)

High Honor- Shendo's most trusted members

Emissary- The clan organizers their job is to help moderate and organize the clan in-game and forum

Armorer- Your job is to help give out the weapons and armor of the clan to members
Added Note: Shendo I think we should just change the limit of getting the Armorer rank after 1 month of membership to 2 weeks. (R.G wrote this)

Royal Mage- Given to new members of level 50
Added Note: Shendo could you help me try and think up something for the Royal Mage just getting 'cause your level 50 kinda sucks. This also goes to any of you High Honors. (R.G wrote this)

Requirements for Royal Mage have changed check here:

Strategist- The experienced of the clan, their job is to help any of our members that are having a tough time in the game or if they have any questions about the clan

Champion- The clan battlers of the clan you must have 25,000 fame to obtain this rank and you also get in the Champion user group here in the clan forum

Recruit- For you new members out there

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