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Registration for Emissary

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1 Registration for Emissary on Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:04 pm


Forum Development Team/Co-Administrator
Forum Development Team/Co-Administrator

Emissaries are the organizers of The Guard, their job is also to moderate and keep our clan message board safe and efficient for our clan members. We will not tolerate anyone who swears or any of that sort. In addition for keeping the clan message board safe they will become a Moderator.

But they will simply get the rank and that is it. They will NOT be allowed to enter into the Moderator's forum. Only High Honors are allowed to enter into that area for that is where we discuss our plans for The Guard. Or simply chat amongst our selves.


- Must be be be very active in the game
- Must keep a good eye our for anyone who disobeys clan rules
- Must have been in the clan for over a month


Simply type up a reply here with your request.

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