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Registration for Ranks

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1 Registration for Ranks on Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:29 pm


Forum Development Team/Co-Administrator
Forum Development Team/Co-Administrator
Clan Ranks

If you would like to see the clan ranks check here if you haven't already.


Passed the Requirements for a New Rank?

Please post a reply and put the rank that you are requesting
Then please put a link to you're character to make sure that you have passed the requirements (ONLY if You Want the Royal Mage Ranking!)

Added Note- The Royal Mage rank has some new requirements and you need to have some a certain amount of trophies and two certain ones. That's why we need your character link. Here's the link if you wanna know which one's you need.



I am requesting a rank change for Royal Mage.

Character Link:

EDIT: Oh, yes just post a reply here if you want a new rank.

UPDATE: If you want a new rank in the clan forum you must pay 2 coconuts to acquire the rank you wish for. If you want more information you can check here.


UPDATE (Again)

If you want to register for the rank Emissary then you must register it here.

That's all you need to know for now, Shendo will try to grant you your new rank as soon as possible! Be patient members!

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